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Ship of Theseus

Nov 16, 2013 @ 7:45 pm


• All ONLINE TICKETS to this film are now sold out.
• We expect to have a LIMITED number of tickets available AT THE DOOR, but cannot guarantee availability.
• Please arrive EARLY (we recommend at least 45 mins before showtime) to improve your chances of getting a ticket.
• RUSH tickets will be released 10 mins prior to the start time of the film.
• At-the-door tickets are $12.

An astonishing feature debut that is both philosophical and introspective, with striking visuals and a rich narrative. A blind photographer regains her eyesight but loses her artistic vision, a devout monk fighting for animal rights faces a tough choice between his principles and his own survival, and a stockbroker stumbles upon an illegal organ trade that takes him all the way to Denmark. These three stories collide and converge into a soulful finale that reveals our wondrous interconnectedness in the journey of life. Shortlisted by members of the Critics Circle, UK as one of 15 “films that changed their life.”