San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I


The British Are Coming! (Shorts Compilation)

9:15 pm, November 14, Roxie Theatre
Admission $8
Director: Various
Country: UK
Total Running Time: 63 min

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From 'The Bypass' to Bollywood heroes, this compilation of serious and satirical short films, shares unique perspectives of South Asian filmmakers from England.

'Jump Boy' by Menhaj Huda.
A group of Asian boys in London leave school, parading through the crowds, with their hip-hop influenced street-style fashion, lingo and attitude. But this afternoon their cultural identity is going to bump up against gangsta reality.
(UK/Bangladesh 2002, 11min, 35mm)

'The Bypass' by Amit Kumar
On an isolated desert road in Rajasthat, the characters in this shocking film resoundingly communicate the expendability of humanity when they are drawn into a perilous deadly game.
(UK/India 2004, 15 min, 35mm)

'Goodness Ungracious Me' by Parv Bancil
Are bindis on fashion models and Bollywood films in the West End true
signs of acceptance? In this personal look at the current craze for all
things Indian, a second-gen playwright asks what Bollywood kitsch has to
do with the experience of being South Asian in Britain.
(UK 2002, 25 min, VHS)

'Holly-Bolly' by Dishad Husain.
A hilarious satire on the commercialization of cinema where two young directors pitch their 'art film'.
(UK 2004, 12 min, Beta)



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