San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I


Laatoo (Spining Top)--Bay Area Premiere

3:00 pm, November 14, Roxie Theatre
Admission $8
Director: Faizaan Peerzada and Alix Phillippon
Country: Pakistan/France (2003)
Running Time: 83 min; Video/color
English and Urdu

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Laatoo is a documentary film that explores the state of dance in Pakistan from the classical techniques of "Khatak", "Bharatnatyam" and" Orissy", to the spiritual 'whirling' tradition of Sufi's, and finally to the Mujras fashion shows and dance parties.

The film also delves into the lives of a handful of professional classical dancers, namely Naheed Siddiqui, Sheema Kirmani, Tehreema Mitha, Indu Mitha and Fasi-ur-Rehman. Through interweaving their stories, the film investigates and looks into the religious, philosophical and socio-political context for the conflicts and religious controversies around dance in Pakistan. The intent of Lattoo is to promote discussion around the nature of dance in Pakistan and also to encourage and support this very basic and important human form expression.


Ali Akbar College of Music

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