San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I


A Certain Liberation (Bay Area Premiere)

7:00 pm, November 14, Roxie Theatre
Admission $8
Director: Yasmine Kabir
Country: Bangladesh (2003)
Running time: 37 min. miniDV

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Gurudasi Mondol gave herself up to madness in 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Thirty years later, Gurudasi continues to roam the streets of a small-town in rural Bangladesh, in quest of all she has lost; snatching at will from strangers and breaking into spaces normally reserved for men. She is unafraid of authority and scorns it. In her madness, she has found a strategy for survival. Gurudasi has attained near legendary status. Through her indomitable presence, she has kept alive the spirit of the Liberation War.

Short films

A wonderful, experimental and intense compilation of short films made by South Asian Women filmmakers from San Francisco and the Bay Area.

'A Secret Language' by Arti Jain
The film takes us on a sweet and sour emotional journey of big hopes and little disappointments in a ten years old girls life.
(U.S. 2004, 5:35 min, minidv)

'2:38' by Kirthi Nath
'2:38' explores a single moment, widening into a state of mind, a mood.
(U.S. 2003, 3 min, 16mm/minidv)

'Panchali' by Alka Raghuram
The ancient Indian myth of princess Panchali's disrobement haunts a woman as she tries to escape her stalker.
(U.S. 2004, 7 min, 16mm/minidv)

'Waxed Poetic' by Keshni Kashyap
A little ode to the ancient Indian beauty practice of hair waxing
(U.S., 2 min, 16mm/minidv)

'Hole' by Keshni Kashyap
A hilarious treatise on love and longing, and that mysterious void many women sometimes find themselves edging towards.
(U.S., 12min, 16mm/minidv)

'THE GREAT GAME: A New World Order?' by Sarina Khan Reddy.
The collapsing boundaries between news, documentaries and Hollywood movies.
US, 2004, 5 min, minidv

'Propagandhi' by Single Beige Female
Chronicles the messages of dissent in Bay Area protests against the war on Iraq.
(U.S./UK 2004, 6min, minidv)



MadCat Women's International Film Festival

Women's Spirituality Masters Program, New College of California

Activism and Social Change Masters Program, New College of California

EKTA (A South Asian Progressive Network)

BABA (Bay Area Bangladesh Association)

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