San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I



9:00 pm, Friday, November 10th, Yerba Buena, SF
Admission: $8
Director: Various
Country: US/Diaspora (2006)
Running Time: 1 hr 15min



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Come celebrate a diverse compilation of quirky, satirical and challenging short films by local South Asians filmmakers with their unique Bay Area flavor.
All filmakers will be present for Q & A.

Come on, Big Empty by Kirthi Nath& Amanda Davidson (U.S. 2006, 11min dv)
Hello memory, what are you doing? What roll of film are you on? The film explores memories made from scraps, absences, the fictitious and everywhere in between: stories take shape, memories evolve and everything changes.

The Ant and The Monkey by Alka Raghuram, 20mins Dv (work in progress)
Tired of her nine years old brother's macho swagger, little Tamara dares him to walk on a rickety wooden fence; but when he comes crashing down, so does her own world for what seems like an eternity. The film explores the children's fears, guilt and anxieties as well as the difficulties of straddling two cultures.

My Beige Foot by Single Beige Female (U.S./U.K., 2006, 4min DV)
starring Micropixie's foot this film touches on the randommness of nationality & skin colour.

Hansot By The Bay by Saqib Mausoof & Shahab Riazi (U.S, 11min DV)
A Bay Area cricket club comprised of Hansotis, who immigrated from both Pakistan and India (but all originate from a town called Hansot in Gujarat, India), meet regularly at their reunion games to "touch base".  

The Flight by Tania Chattopadhyay  (U.S./Bolivia/Brazil/India, 2006, 10min DV)
The disorientation memories and nostalgia  one feels with travel and migrating.

Loops by Runjan Dhar (U.S. 2006, 13min)
A portrait of caddie life captures the hopes, fears, regrets, and ambitions (or lack thereof) of three golf caddies working at The Winged Foot Golf Club.

  "MuZak" by Runjan Dhar (U.S. 2006 9min 16mm/dv)
Set amidst the light and mostly instrumental, music of a supermarket, "MuZak" chronicles a son's desire to live his life and become a techno DJ.


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