San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I



pm, Sunday, November 18th, Roxie Theater, San Francisco
Admission: $9
Director: Anish Ahluwalia
Country: India, (2006)
Running Time: 104 min, Color, DV
Hindi with English subtitles

Kya Tum Ho? is a dark and intense 'neo-noir' that examines the underbelly of urban isolation in this cyber-age. Unaware of their connection to one another, a young widow, a university professor, and a software engineer attempt to exorcise painful secrets and scars of a violent past by seeking refuge in the fluid identities of the virtual world, where they play with eroticism, expectations and deceit. However, the more they try to elude the past, the faster it outruns them, redefining their future for better or for worse... until the truth catches up with them in a dramatic climax. Personal, political and wholly engaging Kya Tum Ho? is daring in its attempt to address the subjects that are still considered taboo in Indian cinema.

Kya Tum Ho? is Anish Ahluwalia's debut film and exemplifies the changing face of Indian independent cinema. He studied Fine Art in London's Central St. Martins College of Art. He has exhibited his art in London, Delhi and Mumbai, written and directed several plays, and published two anthologies of his poems. He is presently based in New Delhi and works as a correspondent with BBC World Service. Kya Tum Ho? was produced by Chintan Upadhyay, one of India's most controversial young artists, whose works have generated considerable debate about the role of mass production in society and art.

Bay Area Premiere