San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I



7:00 pm,
Friday November 16th, Victoria Theater
Admission: $9
Director: Various
Country: US/SF (2007)
Running Time: 1 hr 15min



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Enjoy our consistently sold-out compilation of short films  by local South Asian Filmmakers. All filmakers will be present for Q & A.

The Book.
Director: Anay Tarnekar
USA (2007), 15 min.
On the day of his execution, Jim Belton put his hopes for his life into a book.

Canada (Preview).
Director: Anjali Sundaram
USA (2007),16 min.
Part memoir, part fiction, Canada, is the story of a half-Indian girl who struggles with her
New Age mom & her siblings as the family moves to Canada.

Embrace It.
Director:Kirthi Nath
USA (2007), 6 min.
Embrace it explores the landscape of love, politics and spirituality.

The Beige Witch Project.
Director: Single Beige Female
USA (2007) 1min.
Never before have so many goose bumps been raised from so tiny a microfillum.

Jeeta Jatt. (Jeeta the Farmer)
Director: Rikesh Lal
USA (2006),10 min.
A comedic tribute to the early classic Punjabi melodramas.

Devi Brown. (Preview)
Director: Soam Acharya and Shari Acharya
USA (2007),4min.
A masala mashup at the intersection of Bollywood and blaxploitation = " deshiexploitation".

Headshakes: A Lexicon. (Preview)
Director: I.J.
USA (2007),10min.
An absurdist and whimsical manual on head shakes that explores cultural stereotypes
along the way.

Director: Hari Kondabolu
USA (2007),10min.
A docu-drama about Hari the Comic, who has 'eviscerated Western hypocrisy with
a verbal razor'.



Sponsors & Co-presenters



Chitresh Das Dance Company & Chhandam School of Kathak


SFSU Film Dept.


Surya Dub