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From art-house classics to documentary films, from innovative and experimental visions to next-level Bollywood: 3rd I is committed to promoting diverse images of South Asians through independent film. We showcase films from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, the Maldives and the global South Asian Diaspora.

3rd I screens films once a month in San Francisco and this is our seventh annual Film Festival. Please visit www.thirdi.org for further information about us, or call (415) 835-4783.

Films are listed alphabetically below; film schedule is at right.

Brief Synopses

Bombay Summer

Dir: Joseph Mathew
2009, India/USA, 102 mins

Castro Theater
Saturday, November 7, 2009, 7:00pm

A sensuous, stunning film that examines love and betrayal over a languorous summer in Bombay. Three young artists form—and test—a delicate friendship, journeying across class and landscape, in this unhurried look at contemporary India.

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Children of the Pyre

Dir: Rajesh S. Jala
2008, India, 74 mins

Castro Theater
Saturday, November 7, 5:00pm

A startling film that follows seven children who eke out their living at the busiest cremation ground in Varnasi, India. This verite-style documentary, "at times darkly funny and at others deeply morose... humanizes these children forced to grow up before their time."

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Dir: Various
2009, USA/Canada, 90 mins

Roxie Theatre
Thursday, November 5, 8:40pm

3rd i's signature opening night program: animation, comedy, documentary, personal narratives, Sikh identity, the arts in Afghanistan, memories of a loved one lost, and more in this eclectic set of shorts. With live re-imaginings of Bollywood classics (Bobby with a SoCal twist, and Silsila with a queer twist) that will have you cracking up!

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Full Moon (Chaudhvin ka Chand)

Dir: M. Sadiq
1960, India, 168 mins

Castro Theater
Saturday, November 7, 12noon

A masterpiece from Guru Dutt Films, with immortal music and exquisite design. Set in the Muslim upperclasses of Lucknow, the film traces the initally comic and ultimately tragic consequences when a wealthy young man in love escapes tradition by convincing his best friend to marry his mother’s choice for him.

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a throw of diceIron Eaters (Lohakhor/Eissenfresser)

Dir: Shaheen Dill-Riaz
2008, Bangladesh/Germany, 86 mins

Castro Theater
Sunday, November 8, 12noon

Filmmaker Dill-Riaz exquisitely captures both the mind-boggling scenery of behemoth container ships washed up like whales on the muddy shipyards of Chittagong, Bangladesh. A fascinating look into the growing ship breaking industry that cares more for kilograms of metal than human life.

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Love in India

Dir: Kaushik Mukherjee (Q)
2009, India/Germany, 91 mins

Roxie Theater
Friday, November 6, 9:00pm

A deeply personal documentary that unabashedly takes on the contradictions surrounding sexuality in the Indian subcontinent -- where couples can be arrested for kissing in public, yet the erotic play of Lord Krishna and his lover Radha are widely celebrated.

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Mad Sad & Bad

Dir: Avie Luthra
2008, UK, 85mins

Castro Theater
Sunday, November 8, 2:00pm

Hardeep is a psychiatrist "who can diagnose everyone’s problems but his own"; Rashmi is single woman who dreams of leaving home and starting her own family; Atul is a sitcom writer aspiring for literary greatness, but stuck in mediocrity. A dark British comedy about three eccentric yet endearing siblings and their dysfunctional relationships.

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My Heart Goes Hooray! (Dil Bole Hadippa!)

Dir: Anurag Singh
2009, India, 148 mins

Castro Theater
Saturday, November 7, 9:30pm

When the feisty Veera is refused a place on the cricket team, she dons a turban and beard to prove that she's the best batsman in town. Smoky Rani Mukherjee and hunky Shahid Kapoor sizzle on screen! "Full of the rump-shaking, percussive joy of Punjabi music... this movie bursts with vibrant, firecracker charm." Total Bollywood Masala!

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Quick Gun Murugun

Dir: Shashank Ghosh
2009, India, 97 mins

Roxie Theater
Friday, November 6, 11:20pm

A preposterous plot, a nostalgia for classic South Indian films, visual pananche and high camp rounds out this outrageous spoof on westerns. A vegetarian cowboy is sent back to earth to save the cows from the beef-eating machinations of Rice Plate Reddy! Initially a character in a TV promo from the nineties, Quick Gun Murugun has since achieved cult status in India.

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Searching for Sandeep

Dir: Poppy Stockwell
2007, Australia, 56 mins

Castro Theater
Saturday, November 7, 3:15pm

When the singles scene proves fruitless, Sydney native Poppy Stockwell turns to the internet to find romance. When she meets Sandeep, an Anglo-Indo woman from London, she thinks her search is over. But the couple’s quest together—overcoming distance, difference, and intolerance—has only just begun. A candid and funny documentary. With short, Mr. & Mrs. Singh (Punam S., 2009, USA, 12 mins)

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Supermen of Malegaon

Dir: Faiza Ahmad Khan
2008, India, 52 mins

Roxie Theater
Thursday, November 5, 7:15pm

In this hilarious doc, filmmaker Faiza Ahmad Khan follows a motley film crew as they craft their micro-budget masterpiece, Superman of Malegaon, revealing the strange and wonderful movie-madness that afflicts this small textile town.

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Warrior Boyz

Dir: Baljit Sangra
2008, Canada, 44 mins

Roxie Theater
Friday, November 6, 7:15pm

To date, more than a hundred young men from the South Asian (specifically Sikh/Punjabi) community have died in gang-related violence in Metro Vancouver. Warrior Boyz takes an unflinching look at the root causes of gang violence, and offers real solutions for the future, through the personal stories of three gang members.

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Yes Madam, Sir

Dir: Megan Doneman
2008, Australia/India, 95 mins

Castro Theater
Sunday, November 8, 7:00pm

The ‘against-all-odds’ journey of the charismatic, controversial Kiran Bedi - India's first female police officer - narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Helen Mirren. "Adored by the masses and vilified by her critics, she has publicly fought high-level corruption, feudalistic bureaucracies and brutal opposition, at great personal and professional cost."

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Zero Bridge

Dir: Tariq Tapa
2008, Kashmir/USA, 96mins

Castro Theater
Sunday, November 8, 4:15pm

Dilawar, a teenage pickpocket and orphan, hopes that one of his schemes will help him escape his seemingly dead-end life in Srinagar, Kashmir, especially after he develops a friendship with the beautiful Bani – the victim of one of his crimes. An authentic story of the Kashmiri people, inspired by Italian neo-realism.

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