Adda: Calcutta/Kolkata

Adda: Calcutta/Kolkata

Sep 23, 2012
4:45 pm

Little Roxie Theater

Director: Surjo Deb and Ranjan Palit
Country/Year: India/2011
Running Time: 52mins
Language: English, Hindi and Bengali with English subtitles
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Surjo Deb in Person

Adda is one of those Bengali words that is so difficult to translate into English. A gossip session, an intellectual discussion, a never-ending conversation all rolled into one, adda is the quintessential Bengali pastime. Following a number of ongoing addas at street corners, cafes, markets and living rooms, this documentary by Surjo Deb and Ranjan Palit is a free-flowing, intimate portrait of a city and its people in a time of transition: as malls and high-rises replace the old architecture of the skyline, youngsters move out of the city looking for better opportunities, the traffic gets worse and the city’s name changes from Calcutta to Kolkata. Co-director Ranjan Palit is a National Award-winning filmmaker, whose film In Camera was showcased at 3rd i’s SFISAFF 2010.

Co Presenters Agami, SpaandanB,
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