Alms for a Blind Horse (Anhey Ghodey Da Daan)

Alms for a Blind Horse (Anhey Ghodey Da Daan)

Sep 22, 2012
12:00 pm

Castro Theatre

Director: Gurvinder Singh
Country/Year: India/2011
Running Time: 113mins
Language: Punjabi with English subtitles
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This striking film by first-time director Gurvinder Singh uses exquisite cinematography and an unusual cast of characters to portray a day in the life of a rural Punjabi family facing the demolition of their village. Indian film legend, the late Mani Kaul, was the executive producer on the film and his influence can been seen throughout in the film’s use of stillness, silences and non-naturalistic approach to narrative. A beautiful soundtrack by Los Angeles based composer Catherine Lamb accentuates the poetic performances given by the non-professional cast. Alms for a Blind Horse swept the Indian National Film awards this spring and is the first Punjabi language film to hit the festival circuit.

Awards: Best Director, National Award, India; Special Jury Award, Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2011; Official Selection, Venice Film Festival
Sponsors: SACHI
Co Presenters The Sikh Coalition, American India Foundation, Dholrhythms, Asian Art Museum
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