Decoding Deepak

Decoding Deepak

Sep 22, 2012
6:45 pm

Castro Theatre

Director: Gotham Chopra
Country/Year: USA/2012
Running Time: 74mins
Language: English
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Gotham Chopra in Person

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An audience favorite at the SXSW Film Festival, this intriguing portrait of Deepak Chopra has a raw honesty to it that only a son can bring. Filmmaker and journalist Gotham Chopra embarks on a year long road trip with his father in an attempt to resolve the spiritual icon from the family man. The journey takes him across the planet chronicling Deepak’s colorful activities – from a traditional monk ordainment in Thailand to a literal decoding of ancient family registers in rural India. Along the way, we meet devoted disciples who range from celebrities like Lady Gaga to lost souls in the red rock deserts of Sedona. Interwoven through the travelogue is a closer look at the expansive spiritual empire built over the last 25 years – from a decidedly non-spiritual (and boozy) origin. Full of flaws, foils, intelligence, and irreverence, the decoded Deepak is a symbol of a world searching for answers in the most unlikely places and a deeper plunge into the meaning of identity itself.

Co Presenters American India Foundation, Mill Valley Film Festival, California Institute of Integral Studies, Asian Art Museum
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