Fiji Time

Director: Alexandra Lacey
Status: Post-Production

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Tropical memories, dark family secrets, and the harsh legacy of colonialism collide in Fiji Time, the fascinating account of an 86-year-old woman’s emotional return to the exotic land of her birth. Searching for remnants of her past, Jean faces a severe crisis of identity, as her idealized memories of a colonial childhood clash with her radical politics and the fractured political and cultural present of Fiji, a country racially divided and rocked by a series of coups.
As Jean travels across the beautiful island on her quest, she reveals the sinister tale of her great-grandfather, G.H. Lee, whose sense of adventure, exploitation and arrogance, culminated in the committing of a terrible crime. Ultimately going beyond one family’s story, Fiji Time reveals the larger story of Fiji through its current Indo-Fijian, native Fijian and European inhabitants, and examines how colonialism fractures and disrupts the identities of both the colonized and the colonizer.

Alexandra Lacey has worked for twenty years as an independent director, editor, and producer. She has written, directed and edited three short narrative films that explore the lives and choices of creative women. In these films she brings a unique perspective to storytelling, with a focus on women’s stories as seen through the lens of psychology and place. Her films have screened and been recognized at the Film Arts Foundation Festival, the Arizona International Film Festival, the Bare Bones Int. Film Festival, and the Noise Pop Festival. As the founder of freespiritsfilm and Persuasion Pictures she has worked as a freelance director,/producer, editor and consultant for the past seven years.