Festival in the News

The 3rd i Film Festival is really one of a kind, offering up the best of South Asian film, not as some paean to political correctness, but truly as a tribute to great cinema rooted in the subcontinent and its diaspora.”
- Sandip Roy, Editor/Radio Host, New American Media

“This autumn I feel more oppressed than usual by the relentless march of regional/generic film festivals… But one film fest that I greet each fall with satisfaction sans stress is the 3rd i Film Festival. Maybe because it’s just another great lineup I get to preview with confidence.”
- Frako Loden, The Evening Class

3rd i has exposed the Indian American audience to a whole new funny, sexy, frightening and fantastic world of South Asian film. They are the only resource for the latest in cutting-edge and hard-to-find cinema and they are one of the Bay Area’s great artistic treasures!”
- Lisa Tsering/entertainment editor, India-West

3rd i Films was the recipient of a “Local Heroes” award from KQED this past May, as part of its celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Read more on KQED’s website.


Press coverage on 3rd i’s 10th Annual SFISAFF coming soon!