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3rd i NY and Alwan for the Arts Collaborative Monthly Film & Video Series presents PREVIEW Work-In-Progress Screening of FLYING WHILE MUSLIM — Director Lyra Porras Garzon in attendance — as part of


0706 Flying

A collection of films that address contemporary cultural issues that provoke controversies both here and in the Arab world. From sexual taboos in Egypt, to fractious national identities in Iraq, to profiling of Muslims, Arabs, & South Asians in post 911 America — these films will no doubt spark heated discussion...

Tuesday, June 19th @ 7pm
Two Boots Pioneer Theater
155 East 3rd Street (at Avenue A)
Subway: F to 2nd Ave; 6 to Bleecker

Tickets: $10 Adults / $6.50 Pioneer Members

Followed by FREE PIZZA & BEER/SODA at the Den of Cin

Advance Tickets: 7pm show

About the Films

Director: Rami Abdel Jabbar, Egypt / 5 mins / DVCAM / Arabic with English Subtitles

0706 House Of Flesh "House of Flesh" deals with issues of class and sexual taboos. The story involves a blind Quran reciter who marries a widow with three daughters. Knowing her daughters are too poor to marry, the widow allows all three of them to sleep with her blind but young and healthy husband. Each night one of the daughters wears the widow’s wedding ring in order to fool him. The Quran reciter suspects something is amiss, but doesn’t question his good fortune in the bedroom. A visually stunning adaptation from a banned short story of the same title by renowned Egyptian writer Youssef Idriss.

Director: Layth Abdulamir, Iraq / 54 mins / DVCAM / Arabic with English Subtitles

0706 Layth Abdelamir Iraqi filmmaker, Layth Abdulamir examines the common roots of his often mistreated and misunderstood country. His camera captures the cultural, social and historical heritage of men and women who wove the fabric of the nation: Kurds, Arabs, Turkomen, Shiites, Sunnis and Christians. A close-up examination of a particular "identity" that prospered, suffered and finally ended when the Coalition's tanks arrived into what was once the Garden of Eden.

Director: Lyra Porras Garzon, USA / 30 mins/ DVCAM

0706 Flying Director In a post 9-11 era of heightened suspicion and security concerns, is racial profiling a necessary evil? Supporters of racial profiling say that 'although not all Muslims are terrorists' all terrorists are Muslim. They state to be dismissive of race is to be blind to the demographics of crime, and it is only logical to put members of this community under greater scrutiny. This documentary attempts to present a diverse range of voices, tackling contentious issues such as profiling, 'clash of civilizations', civil liberties and national security among others in order for the viewer to have an informed decision and potentially open a space for democratic dialogue. Talkback with the Director and Free Pizza & Beer/Soda Reception after screening.

About Lyra Porras Garzon

Writer, Camera, Producer, Director, Editor
Lyra is an independent filmmaker, media activist and advocacy journalist. Prior to moving to New York, she has edited films in Manila and documentaries for Discovery and National Geographic in Hong Kong and Singapore. She was an editor on “Martial Law”, a documentary about the Marcos dictatorship that won Best Documentary in the Catholic Mass Media Awards. She has been a journalist in the United Nations, a freelance news producer for Bridges TV and is currently an adjunct professor at the NYIT. Lyra has a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and shuttles between New York and Cairo.

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