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DESIS BITE THE BIG APPLE: Films by and about New Yorkers

In Collaboration with Ocularis Cinema Williamsburg Style

Directors Adnan Malik and Joshua Alafia will be present for Q&A after screening.



USA 2003; 16 mins., Video; Language: Urdu (English subtitles)

DIRECTOR: Adnan Malik

As the sun sets over Manhattan, the inconspicuous Fayaaz morphs into Bijli, a voluptuous Pakistani drag queen with a feverish following in the South Asian gay and lesbian community. Yet beneath the flamboyant stage presence lies a courageous individual who has carved out a cherished identity for herself in a world quick to label her as an 'outsider'. Understanding herself as a woman trapped in a man's body, Fayaaz has spent a life struggling between the polar tensions of male/female, East/West and Islamic faith/promiscuity.


The Anti-Vigilante

DIRECTOR: Joshua Bee Alafia

When a Caribbean-born South Asian man is roughed up on the street because he "looks like a Arab", his American-born son is outraged. Ignoring his parents advice to let it go, this young man dresses up in traditional Arabic dress and walks the street as a kind of shark bait for bigots. We fear for his safety until we and his attackers discover his martial arts prowess. This politicized Kung Fu film raises issues of racial profiling and vigilantism.

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DIRECTOR(s): Albert Lee. WRITER/PRODUCER: Tanuj Chopra

Mameet is a touching coming-of-age story of a South Asian youth caught between the twin pressures of his family's expectations and the street realities of Queens.


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