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NEW YORK PREMIERE: 3rd I South Asian International Film Festival

SOLD OUT in San Francisco (21st Asian Film Festival)

Films from the UK and the US.

[3rd I NY supports United For Peace's call for a National Antiwar Rally on March 22. Unfortunately, our event was scheduled before the rally was announced and we were unable to reschedule.]



USA 2002; 25 mins., 35mm B/W; Language: English

DIRECTOR(s): Rajshree Ojha

In this exploration of the complex reality and paradox of India, an aging private school teacher is forced to confront the confines of his regimented, traditional perspectives when confronted by a brash student and the unfamiliar landscape of contemporary city life.


Black Nor White

UK 2002, 20 mins., Video Color, Language: English

DIRECTOR(s): Anjali Nair

A conflict between love, tradition and reconciliation as Rahul parts with a lover to welcome his wife.


The Drop

UK 2000; 7 mins., 35mm Color; Language: English

DIRECTOR(s): Hardeep Singh Kohli

Four South Asian London lads on a Tarantinoesque mission.


A Love Supreme

UK 2002; 9 mins., 35mm B/W; Language: No Dialogue

DIRECTOR(s): Nilesh Patel

An exquisite, delicate and artful portrayal of preparing a traditional appetizing delight.


Skin Deep

UK 2001; 13 mins., 35mm Color;Language: English; Subtitles: English

DIRECTOR(s): Yousaf Ali Khan

A young South Asian in the UK tries to pass as a white racist skinhead.



USA 2002; 12 mins.; 16mm Color; Language: English

DIRECTOR: Keshni Kashyap

The modern day dilemmas of falling in(to) love.

A Family Business

UK 1993; 8 mins., Video Color; Language: English

DIRECTOR(s): Avie Luthra

A wry faux-documentary about South Asian Scots looking for love.



Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (@2nd St.), Admission: $10

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World Ka Centre (The Center of the World)

In Collaboration with Turun Talky

Written & Directed by: Faisal Rehman & Bilal Minto

Special Jurors' Prize, Karafilm Festival

World Ka Centre is the first Pakistani film about the events of 9/11. The film chronicles a day in the life of Hassan who, on September 11, 2001, is set to leave for New York.



BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM: In collaboration with South Asian Women's Creative Collective (SAWCC), director Gurinder Chadha will attend


APRIL: Desis Bite The Big Apple

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