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November 2002

RAAT (The Long Night)

Raat Chali hai Jhoom KE (94 mins), which has been labeled as "required viewing" by Commonwealth Film Festival is PakistanŐs first-ever digital film made by journalist/independent film maker Hasan Ziadi. The refreshing script is written by Mohammed Hanif, a Newsline reporter, playwright, and current head of BBC's Urdu service.
Waleed is a US educated yuppie who runs a software firm in Karachi. He has also been carrying on a phone affair for the past six months with a woman he has never met but whose charms intrigue him. The night before a vital meeting with Microsoft, the woman invites him to meet her in a run-down market area where she lives. Overcome by lust and adventure, he sets out late at night to visit her. Waleed then experiences a night, the likes of which he has never experienced.
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Director Q&A At Screening
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