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Sunday, October 19th

PLUS: Live DJ set::Best of British Asian underground!

Come see why we welcome the next British invasion!
British Asians - one of the dominant and culturally influential minority groups in Britain - are creating a working class and antiracist political style that is powerfully articulated in their filmmaking, theater, books and music.



Jump Boy

Dir: Menhaj Huda, 2000, 11min.

Somewhere in West London, a group of Asian boys leave school. Parading through the crowds of High Street, their hip-hop influenced street-style fashion, lingo and attitude are in full display. But this afternoon their cultural identity is going to bump up against gangsta reality. British-Bangladeshi director Huda went on to direct UK TV's groundbreaking Queer As Folk.


Goodness Ungracious Me

Dir: Parv Bancil, 2002, 30min.

Are bindis on fashion models and Bollywood films in the West End true signs of acceptance? In this personal look at the current craze for all things Indian, a second-gen playwright asks what Bollywood kitsch has to do with the experience of being South Asian in Britain.



Surviving Sabu

Dir: Ian Iqbal Rashid, 1997, 17 min.

Interweaves clips from the 1940's Hollywood star Sabu (of Jungle Book fame) with the evolving relationship of a young queer filmmaker and his father.



Dir: Ravi Kumar, 2000, 8 min.

What do you do when you catch your daughter snogging in a backstreet? This barber has the answer.



Black Nor White

Dir: Anjali Nair, 2002, 20 min.

Rahul watches his girlfriend, Angie - whom he loves, leave to make way for Sangita in his home and his life. Sangita is Rahul's wife from an arranged marriage in India. Rahul becomes a mute spectator to his changing life - rendered passive by tradition.


Nation Records

Music Videos from Nation Records artists


Asian Dub Foundation



Goodness Gracious Me!

Selected excerpts from the popular BBC TV series.


Sunday, October 19th, 7 and 9:30pm

+ Live DJ Set after second show

70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg. L train to Bedford.
Admission: $6


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