August Events 2006
Bollywood 101
August 27th 2006

ATA Artist Television Access_
992 Valencia Street San Francisco
(@21st in the mission) CA 94110
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Price: $8 (at the door)



Know about the many faces of the Indian Film Industry. Learn about the many cinemas within Indian cinema as we go down the decades, (from Indian Independence till now). How the Indian films have reflected the social and political moods of its people and look at and beyond the dance and drama that constitutes the largest film industry in the world.

Your chance to learn a little history, theory and aesthetics of Bollywood cinema. This 3rd i film class, is taught by filmmaker and lecturer-- Arti Jain. The presentation will be 2 hrs long ( Yes, like a Bollywood film :) We will have a break, discussion and Q & A.


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