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3rd I presents Video Production Workshop 101

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For FIRST-TIMERS only. This class is for those who have little to no experience with video production.

Final project is a 2-4 minute music video featuring a montage of photos, music and poetry.


15 minDiscussion of project ideas
Screen sample projects
15 minBreak up into teams (by ideas)
30 minVideo Production Basics
Camera/Tripod Set-up, Camera Functions
Framing/Composition, Camera Movement
20 min Storyboards
60 minTeams shoot project
10 minI-Movie Instruction
90 minTeams edit their projects on the computers


In order to produce a video that is meaningful to you, you should bring:

    • an idea/theme for a photo montage
    • 40+ photos on this theme
    • poetry or a short creative piece that you can read in under 4 minutes and that works with the photos
    • music on a CD (no MP3s) that works with the theme/mood
    • $6 for a copy of your final piece on VHS tape (or bring $3 plus a new VHS tape)--this is optional if you want a VHS format.

    About the instructor

    Dharini Rasiah has been teaching video production full-time at Berkeley High School for the past seven years. She is also a lab instructor at UC Berkeley in video production and a master teacher for KQED, teaching video production workshops for Bay Area teachers. She currently serves on the board of Berkeley Community Media as well as works with several local non-profit community organizations to produce videos and organize film festivals. Her interest is to use media as a tool for social change.

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