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3 rd I co-presents with The SF Asian American film Festival:

SUN 03.18 | 5:00PM AMC 1000 Van Ness (SF)
SUN 03.25 | 2:15PM Camera 12 (San Jose)

A compelling and inspiring array of South Asian short films from India, the United Kingdom and the
United States. |

USA 2005 | 3mins | Video Color)
DIRECTOR: Nina Paley

Chapter One of Sita Sings The Blues. An animation based on Sita's adventures in the ancient Indian epic the Ramayana . Two more chapters follow later in this compilation, all accompanied by the bluesy tracks of Annette Hanshaw.

WRITINGS ON THE WALL (Canada 2006 | 24mins | Video Color | English, Hindi & Tamil w/E.S.)
DIRECTORS: Angad Bhalla, Siddhartha Luther

A critical documentary that informs and explores pop, underground and alternative art cultures. Whether film billboards, political posters, Warli traditional art or graffitti tagging, all survive on the margins in spite of, and as a refuge from, the ever-present industrial, film and business worlds.

HANUMAN FINDS SITA (USA 2006 | 3mins | Video Color)
DIRECTOR: Nina Paley

Chapter Three of Sita Sings The Blues--a new twist on an old myth. After the abduction of Sita, the monkey God Hanuman finds her.

MONSOON (USA/India 2006 | 21mins | Video Color)
DIRECTOR: Shyam Balsé

Spiritual practice and superstitions clash with science and rationality when Govinda, a cardiologist based in California, returns to India to treat his ailing father.

CLEAR CUT, SIMPLE (USA 2006 | 14mins | Video Color)
DIRECTOR: Vineet Dewan

When a young U.S. Army officer receives news from his commander that his trusted Iraqi interpreter is allegedly an insurgent, their friendship is put to the ultimate test. Based on a true story.

THE NAMING CEREMONY (NAAMKARAN) (India 2006 | 18mins | Video Color) DIRECTOR: Konkona Sensharma

A charming and whimsical tale about two sisters finding ingenious ways to make ends meet. Konkona Sensharma's directorial debut, and arguably her first steps in following her mother, the famous director Aparna Sen.

ZOHRA (UK 2006 | 15mins | 35mm B&W | English & Urdu w/E.S.)
DIRECTOR: Kemal Akhtar

Set in 1960 and based on a real event, the film follows the sudden departure of an 18-year-old Pakistani girl from her native Karachi to London, and her adventures upon arriving in a world far different from anything that she has known.

BATTLE OF LANKA (USA 2006 | 3mins | 35mm Color)
DIRECTOR: Nina Paley

Chapter Four of Sita Sings The Blues--another new twist on an old myth. The battle for Sita.



MISTRESS OF SPICES (UK/USA 2005 | 92mins | 35mm Color )
Saturday 03.17 | 3:30PM Castro Theater (SF)
Saturday 03.24 | 4:45PM Camera 12 (San Jose)

Director: Paul Mayeda Berges | Exec. Producers: Jane Barclay, Susan Cartsonis, Steve Christian, James Clayton, Hannah Leader, Duncan Reid | Producers: Deepak Nayar, Gurinder Chadha | Writers: Chadha, Berges | Cinematographer: Santosh Sivan | Editor: Alex Rodríguez | Music: Craig Pruess | Cast: Aishwarya Rai, Dylan McDermott, Nitin Ganatra, Anupam Kher

From the creative team of BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM (Opening NIght, SFIAAFF '03) comes this magical and heart-warming adaptation of Chitra Divakaruni's celebrated novel, THE MISTRESS OF SPICES. Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai is Tilo, a beautiful but lonely "Spice Mistress," one of a secret group of women trained in the healing powers of herbs and roots. From her fragrant spice shop in Oakland, California, broken hearts, strained relations and runs of bad luck can all be contained within the remedying powers of fenugreek, chilies and cinnamon. Tilo is bound, however, by the rules of her craft: she may only use her powers for others, can never leave the spice shop, and must never touch another's skin.


UMRAO JAAN (India 2006 | 188mins | 35mm Color | Hindi w/E.S.)

Director/ Producer: J.P. Dutta | Exec. Producer: Rajesh Bhatt | Writers: J.P. Dutta, O.P. Dutta | Cinematographer: Ayananka Bose | Editor: Dutta | Sound: Chidanand | Music: Anu Malik | Cast: Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, Shabana Azmi, Suneil Shetty

Considered by many to be the most beautiful actress in the world, Aishwarya Rai (BRIDE AND PREJUDICE) delivers one of the finest performances of her career as the titular character in UMRAO JAAN, an adaptation of a popular 1905 Urdu novel. That’s no small feat, for Rai is stepping into the enormous shoes of legendary actress Rekha, star of the 1981 film version that became an instant Indian classic.

Director J.P. Dutta remains largely faithful to the novel and earlier film as he retells the life saga of Ameeran, who is kidnapped from her village at age eight and sold to an upscale kotha (brothel) in Lucknow. There, in the sophisticated cultural capital of North India, Ameeran is renamed Umrao, trained in music, dance and social etiquette, and groomed to become a courtesan. Years later, and now a stunning adult, Umrao debuts with a breathtaking solo performance before a local dignitary, Nawab Sultan (Abhishek Bachchan, now Rai’s real-life husband). Against all the rules, they fall for each other. But before long, Umrao’s life takes some dramatic, unexpected turns; Sultan is forced to leave town, another dignitary pursues Umrao and the British invasion looms.

Dutta recreates the romantic aura of Lucknow through location filming in the atmospheric old city, opulent sets and costumes, all captured in glorious, mouthwatering cinematography. In the center, of course, is the radiant Rai, whose riveting song-and-dance performances and wide-ranging emotional arc anchors this powerful saga of a courtesan in a way that MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA could only dream about.


A DREAM IN DOUBT (USA 2007 | 56mins | Video Color | English & Punjabi w/E.S. )
Tuesday 03.20 | 7:15PM AMC 1000 Van Ness   (SF)

Director/Writer: Tami Yeager | Producer: Yeager, Preetmohan Singh | Editor: Manuel Tsingaris | Cinematographer: Gary Mercer

There's no question that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 damaged the American psyche. For Rana Sodhi, that fateful day would shatter his long-held image of the United States. A DREAM IN DOUBT documents the murder of Rani's brother Balbir Singh Sodhi; on September 15, 2001, while working at his gas station in Mesa, Arizona, Sodhi was fatally shot by a man who mistook him for an Arab Muslim because of his turban. A DREAM IN DOUBT follows Rana Sodhi as he seeks to reconcile his brother's death with the success that the family has enjoyed since immigrating to the United States. The post-9/11 climate of intolerance and revenge is jarringly juxtaposed with the archival photos of the family's journey from their native India to the U.S., a story of universal hope and perseverance. Through Rana's questions, anger, and loss, the film distills the essence of the "American Dream" and the resilience of the human spirit, and communicates the spectrum of human strength and weakness that were unleashed on two fateful days.

Preceded by:

SOMEONE ELSE'S WAR (USA 2007 | 26mins | Video Color)

Director: Lee Wang

An army of civilians from around the world is working in Iraq to support the U.S. Military, but few know of the complicated order of global capital that has brough them to the Middle East. Wang's fascinating documentary tells the stories of three Filipino Halliburton-employed TCNs (Third Country Nationals) who labor in the Iraqi war zone.

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For centuries travelers to northern India told tales of a fabled city, “airy, unreal, and fantastic as a dream.” That city was Udaipur, capital of Mewar, the most illustrious of the kingdoms of Rajasthan (the “Land of Kings”). Now, for the first time outside India, an exhibition of 74 rare artworks conveys the brilliant artistic traditions of this legendary kingdom.

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