April 2001 Events
April 15, 2001

3rd I and NetIP co-present

Bhangra Wrap and I'm British But....

Bhangra Wrap

An energetic documentary of a vibrant youth subculture that fuses hip hop, rap and Bhangra music. Based mainly in New York and Toronto, Bhangra House is propagated through alternative radio, party DJs and hip

urban clubs where South Asian youth have carved out their own unique sense of style, identity and voice.

Dir: Nandini Sikand. 1994. 20 min.


I'm British But...

This film uncovers a defiant popular culture--a synthesis--part Asian, part British. "The evolution of British Bhangra and Bangla music marks the beginning of the end of British national chauvinism for those of us who have been born and brought up here. It has helped us define ourselves as a migrant community with a musical language of our own, created by us, for us, but open for enjoyment by all."

Dir: Gurinder Chadha England, 1990, 30 min


Time: 2-4pm

Location: ATA (Artists Television Access, 992 Valencia Street, San Francisco

(415) 824-3890

Cost: $5-$7

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