April 2002 Events
April 19

Bollywood Camp

Venue: ATA

3rdi and Trikone: wish to invite our friends to a Private Screening of an award winning classic campy and critically acclaimed Hindi film (with English subtitles).

8 pm

$5.00 donation

Limited seating, so please RSVP thirdi by April 17 and get details on location.

April 21

Global Sight and Sound: South Asia

Benefit for the Smithsonian Sikh Heritage Project and Ahimsa Fund at the Sony Metreon

1pm - 9pm A full day of Music and Movies celebrating the South Asian Diaspora.


4pm Turbans

Directed by Erika Surat Andersen USA, 30 minutes, drama

Rated G - Based on the memoirs of the filmmaker's grandmother, "Turbans" explores the inner struggles of a Sikh family in 1918 Oregon torn between their cultural traditions and the desire for social acceptance in America. Based on the memoirs of Kartar Dhillon, who will be in attendance for a Q&A after the program.

April 26 & 27

3rdi co-presents with SFIFF (San Francisco International Film Festival):

War and Peace

Directed by  Anand Patwardhan

In the middle of the 20th century, South Asia was liberated from British colonization, with Mahatma Gandhi a global icon representing hope for freedom, solidarity in the face of violence and social change through nonviolent action. Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan delves into the era of “nuclear nationalism” 50 years (and three Indo-Pakistani wars) after India

and Pakistan’s independence, a time in which “pacifism became known as the idea that failed.” The groundbreaking War and Peace explores the moment when India and Pakistan ushered in the age of the nuclear bomb—and the birth of a new peace movement in its wake. The rhetoric of South Asian politicians is captured as nuclear testing begins in 1998, countered by the human cost of the damaging effects of uranium on villagers living near the test sites. Starting off in India, Patwardhan goes into the “enemy” territory of Pakistan with a group of peace activists, interviews Muslim women in the arts and the rock band Junoon, as well as former Indian and Pakistani military officers who are now peace advocates. The final section looks at the legacy of the nuclear bomb as Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors visit India to share their stories. With border tensions escalating after September 11, reflecting on the militarization of these two nations is more important than ever.

Show Times

4/26 AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres 7:30 PM

4/27 AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres 11:30 AM


April 27 & 29

3rdi co-presents with SFIFF (San Francisco International Film Festival):


Directed by  Santosh Sivan

An epic tale of Indian history and Buddhist legend, Bollywood-style: spectacularly choreographed battles, water-drenched love scenes and astounding musical sequences, all captured through the dazzling camerawork that has made Santosh Sivan (The Terrorist, SFIFF 1999) one of cinema’s most acclaimed visual artists.

Heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan is Asoka, the great warrior emperor who ruled a terrified India in the third century B.C. Brutal and unmerciful, he was eventually redeemed through the love of two women, the princess Kaurwaki and the young Devi, who opened his heart to Buddhism. Renouncing his violent past, Asoka devoted the rest of his life to spreading Buddha’s message throughout India, becoming one of its most legendary teachers. Sivan brings Asoka to life with a panache that Cecil B. DeMille would adore, flooding the screen with warriors, battles, gorgeous locations, wondrous costumes and—most of all—the romantic musical sequences that have made Bollywood famous. While commercial Indian cinema shies away from historical epics, Sivan’s native Tamil-based film industry once thrived on them; his Asoka uniquely combines the glitz of Bollywood with the visual splendor of epic filmmaking. Don’t expect much verisimilitude amid the hair gel and MTV choreography, of course; Asoka embraces total, giddy, crowd-pleasing fantasy, delivering pleasures that Hollywood, sadly, seems to have forgotten.


Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Danny Denzongpa, Ajit, Rahul Dev, Hrishitaa Bhatt


Sanjiv Chawla, Mark Burton


Shreekar Prasad


Santosh Sivan


Saket Chaudhary, Santosh Sivan


Show Times

4/27 AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres 12 PM

4/29 AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres 6:00 PM


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