July 2001 Events
July 8 , 2001

Goodness Gracious Me - Live at Wembly

Also an extra special short: 'A Family Business', UK, 1993.

Private screening

Goodness Gracious Me

Director Avie Luthra

A matchmaker takes on the global village and creates a business out of dating. Avie Luthra's faux documentary takes a wry look at South Asian Scots looking for love.


"witty, wonderful, exhilarating - a comedy riot" the daily mail, 1991


Ready for another round of GGM? For all you 'Goodness Gracious me' fans, here's the smash hit live tour at Wembley. Filmed during the climax of their national road show and crammed with brand new material and classic sketches, the characters are at their freshest and funniest.


By popular demand -- 2 shows (same content for each show)

First show: 2-3pm

Second show: 3-4pm

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