June 2001 Events
June 10, 2001

An Evening of Shorts by South Asian American Women Directors

3rd I (A South Asian Film Series) and NetIP co-screening

This screening will focus on different perspectives on cultural identity through the eyes of various women.

Birth of a Butterfly. 1996.

San Jose filmmaker Kavita Bali shares the world of a rising corporate Indo-American woman and her discovery of an elusive cultural heritage. Themes of alienation and identity are explored.



Home. 1998.

Director Michelle Taghioff. An exploration of issues of homeland, resettlement and identity as seen through two Indian women's choices and dreams. One, an Indian American journalist, returns to India for the first time since her teenage years, while the other, a young student, struggles with her father's strict, rigid expectations.)


Seven Hours to Burn. 1999.

Director Shanti Thakur. A bi-racial Indian-Danish woman looks back on the paradoxes and challenges of her parents’ romance and its lingering effects on her own self-image.

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