3rd  I co-presents -- 26th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

3rd I South Asian International Shorts 2008
SUN 3/16 | 3:15PM | Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, San Francisco
SAT 3/22 | 6:45PM | Camera 12, San Jose

6 Short Films. TRT 98mins. A rich and textured compilation of South Asian
short films from India, New Zealand and the United States. An incredible
range of stories and filmmaking styles are on display, from coming-of-age
tales to road trip movies to explorations of the complexities of familial

SAT 3/15 | 9:45PM Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, San Francisco
TUE 3/18 | 6:45PM Landmark Clay, San Francisco
FRI 3/21 | 7:00PM Camera 12, San Jose

Director: Richie Mehta (2007) Indian Canadian director Richie Mehta makes a
heartfelt feature debut with this street-level fable of modern India as seen
through the eyes of a kind-hearted rickshaw driver, a cantankerous
millionaire-turned-homeless man, and the man¹s scheming, jaded family
members. San Jose Opening Night film.

The Voyeurs
MON 3/17 | 6:45pm Landmark Clay, San Francisco
WED 3/19 | 8:50pm PFA, Berkeley
SUN 3/23 | 7:15pm Camera 12, San Jose

Director: Buddhadeb Dasgupta (2007) A city bus turned nocturnal playground;
furniture carried through crowded streets: Buddhadeb Dasgupta¹s newest
surrealistic-tinged fantasy presents a world that¹s gone topsy-turvy, where
lovers and dreamers are mistaken for terrorists and where the desire for
images masks an inability to actually understand them.

Om Shanti Om
SUN 3/16 | 8:45pm Castro Theater, San Francisco

Director: Farah Khan (2007) A parody of and an homage to the unbridled,
anything-goes Hindi musicals from the 70s, this dazzling Bollywood
extravaganza features spectacular musical numbers and cameos by nearly every Bollywood star. The inimitable Shahrukh Khan plays a lowly extra who dreams of becoming a star‹and gets his wish only in reincarnation.

Kissing Cousins
WED 3/19 | 9:00PM | Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, San Francisco

Director: Amyn Kaderali (2008) In this funny, sassy romantic comedy, a young man employed as a "relationship termination specialist" enjoys his single life in Los Angeles amidst his newly engaged friends. But when his gorgeous British cousin visits, she tells everyone that she's his girlfriend to help him fit in…until he falls for her.

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