March 2002 Events
March 7-17

South Asian Programs at the NAATA 20th Anniversary San Francisco International Film Festival

AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres. 1881 Post Street (@Fillmore) San Francisco

$8.50 General Admission; $6.00 Advance through 3rd I. E-mail for advance tickets.


March 8


Underground south asian shorts from the US, UK, and subcontinent.

6:45pm. late arrivals ok. Curated by 3rd I.

Forget Mowgli!

Here's a peak at cyber-Mumbai, Punjabi-scottish angst, and our secret Bollywood reveries. Featuring animation, music videos, and cutting edge films by new directors from the diaspora.

March 9 & March 13

A Passage to Ottawa

Director Gaurav Seth

Co-presented with CRY

AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres in San Francisco

Saturday. March 9th. 12:15pm

Wednesday. March 13th. 7:15pm

Saturday. March 16th. 5pm. San Jose

No ordinary love triangle could weave together the characters of A PASSAGE TO OTTAWA, a story that takes place against the vibrant backdrop of Canada's rich cultural tapestry. When Roland, the black tour boat operator, begins to date Safia, a South Asian teenager, he also attracts the attention of her 8-year-old cousin Omi, recently arrived from his ailing mother's home in India. Fueled by both an active imagination and anxiety over his mother's health, Omi sees Roland not just as a potential big brother but as a hero who will save him and his mother. Poor Roland soon finds himself caught between Safia and resilient Omi, with each competing for his attention in completely different ways.


March 11

Salaam Mira! The Short Films of Mira Nair

Co-presented with Narika

AMC Kabuki 8 Theatres in San Francisco 6:45 p.m. Late arrivals ok.

Since the late 1970s, Mira Nair has been an essential figure in world cinema. Her documentary and fiction films are unrivaled in their examination of cultural crossroads. NAATA is pleased to present a program that highlights the master of her filmmaking in three short films spanning her career: SO FAR FROM INDIA (1982), THE DAY MERCEDES BECAME A HAT (1993), LAUGHING CLUB OF INDIA (2000).




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