October 2001 Events
October 7, 2001

In wake of the WTC tragedy and the rise of subsequent hate crimes 3rd I presents...

Desi: South Asians in New York








A Solidarity Screening 2000/60 min preceded by BBQ MUSLIMS Zarqa Nawaz Canada/1995/5 min

Benefit for AALDEF Hate Crimes Hotline

(Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund) http://www.aaldef.org/index.html



2 young men are arrested on charges of terrorism after a BBQ explodes in their backyard.


Desi: South Asians in New York

A tribute to the over 200,000 South Asians living in New York. PBS Channel Thirteen's Ethnic Americans Series presents dozens of first- and second-generation New Yorkers who share their insights, reflections, and experiences to illustrate the wide spectrum of Pakistanis, Indians, Sri Lankans, Nepalis, and other South Asians who have become an integral part of the city. Features:

Pakistani and Indian cab drivers uniting in New York's biggest strike as nuclear tests explode on the subcontinent.

2nd generation in Entertainment - DJ Rekha and Basement Bhangra, stand-up comedian Aladdin

Gayatri Spivak on New York in the 60s, Bangladeshis in Harlem in the 40s.

Secrets of making paan

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