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September 2012
23 September 2012

Jagte Raho (Stay Awake)

12:15 pm
Starring Bollywood legend Raj Kapoor and co-directed by Bengali theatre legend Sombhu Mitra, this satire on the Indian middle class follows a poor migrant’s search for a drink of water. The outstanding songs feature Salil Choudary’s score and Shailendra’s poetry.
23 September 2012

Herman’s House

1:45 pm
Angad Bhalla in Person Bhalla explores the injustice of solitary confinement and the transformative power of art in this must-see documentary that was an official selection of the Sundance Institute and the prestigious HotDocs festival. The film follows the unlikely friendship between a New York artist and one of America’s most famous inmates as they collaborate on an acclaimed art project. Panel discussion following film.
23 September 2012

Family Album

3:00 pm
In this doc, a companion piece to City of Photos, Jain interviews members from Calcutta’s oldest families and captures the stories around their family albums. What emerges is a powerful meditation on the tangled relationship between memory, history, and the photograph.
23 September 2012

Okul Nodi (Endless River) + I am Micro

4:30 pm
Tuni Chatterji in Person. Two docs that can only be described as visual poetry. A contemplative dialogue between music, landscape and the ephemeral quality of cinema, Okul Nodi (Tuni Chatterji) seeks the origins of Bhatiyali, the river music of Bangladesh. Shot on exquisite 35mm, I Am Micro (Shumona Goel/Shai Heredia) invokes the memories of an experimental filmmaker to deliver an ode to independent cinema.
23 September 2012

Adda: Calcutta/Kolkata

4:45 pm
Surjo Deb in Person. Part gossip, part intellectual debate, adda is the quintessential Bengali pastime. Following a number of ongoing addas at street corners, cafes, markets and living rooms, this documentary by Surjo Deb is a free-flowing, intimate portrait of a city and its people in a time of transition: as the Calcutta of old turns into the 21st century Kolkata.
23 September 2012

Valley of Saints

6:30 pm
Lyrical romance and lush cinematography intermingle in this neorealist feature debut that was a major award winner at the Sundance Film Festival. Syeed intricately weaves together contemporary ecological issues with traditional culture, as an unlikely romance blossoms between a boatman and a scientist on the breathtaking Dal Lake in Kashmir.
30 September 2012

Azhagarsamy’s Horse

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
This family-friendly Tamil film mixes comedy, romance, melodrama and musical montage sequences to serve up a gentle satire of rural traditions and superstitions.
30 September 2012

Big in Bollywood

3:30 pm
Omi Vaidya in Person. This eye-opening documentary reveals the fascinating world of Indian cinema, and the culture around it, in a way you’ve never seen before.
February 2013
28 February 2013

Special Screening: Ashim Ahluwalia’s “Miss Lovely”

7:00 pm
Delving deep into the underbelly of India’s film industry, where back-alley producers churn out everything from pulpy horror movies to soft-core porn, Miss Lovely takes us back to Mumbai of the 1980s with lurid detail and intoxicating style.
March 2013
16 March 2013

3rd i co-presents CSAS’ presentation of “The Mahabharata”

5:00 pm
A Re-Telling of the Indian Epic Poem by Jean-Claude Carriére, renowned French playwright, screenwriter, author, actor and raconteur par excellence who spent eleven years in India, tracing the Mahabaharata’s roots in civilization, geography and its relevance in modern India.
17 March 2013

3rd i co-presents films at CAAMFest 2013

All day
3rd i is pleased to co-present the following films at CAAMFest in San Francisco: The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Midnight's Children and Dosa Hunt.
April 2013
04 April 2013

3rd i Films & AIF co-present an evening of Films and discussion on Education in India

7:00 pm
AIF (American India Foundation) in association with 3rd i Films presents two short films followed by discussion: "Lucky," directed by Avie Luthra and "Kunjo," directed by Terrie Samundra.
06 April 2013

3rd i Films is pleased to present Art for Partition

11:30 am - 6:00 pm
Discover untold stories of South Asia's 1947 Partition.
May 2013
02 May 2013

3rd i co-presents at SFIFF

All day
3rd i Films is pleased to co-present two films at the SF International Film Festival: Kim Longinotto's Salma, and Ali Mosaffa's The Last Step.
17 May 2013

3rd i presents “From Mutiny to Bengali Harlem: Stories of the Diaspora”

7:30 pm
Vivek Bald, writer, filmmaker, and MIT professor, reads from his new book Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America and presents clips from his work-in-progress, the film In Search of Bengali Harlem, and an excerpt from his rarely seen 2003 documentary Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music, about South Asian youth, music, and anti-racist activism in 1970s-90s Britain.
18 May 2013

3rd i co-presents at AHSC Cinema Showcase

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Admission to the museum will be free all day and there is no additional cost to watch the films! Click here for the full schedule of films.
21 May 2013

3rd i co-presents “The Island President” at the EPA

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

As part of The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency Region 9) Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage employment program, 3rd i co-presents The Island President at the EPA. May 21, 2013.


June 2013
01 June 2013

3rd i Films co-presents at the SF Green Film Festival

6:30 pm
"Powerless" asks, "would you risk your life to flip a switch?" In Kanpur, India, putting oneself in harm's way to deliver electrical power is all too common. This vibrant exposé gives a whole new meaning to the words "power struggle."
08 June 2013

3rd i presents “Bollywood Divas”

7:00 pm
An evening of satire, comedy and drop-down drag Bollywood 'ishtyle', featuring Kareem Khubhchandani's LESSONS IN DRAG, and Anuj Vaidya's BAD GIRL WITH A HEART OF GOLD. Presented in collaboration with the APICC's United States of Asian America Festival and QCC's National Queer Arts Festival.
15 June 2013

3rd i is pleased to support the SF Ethnic Dance Festival

8:00 pm

When: Saturday, June 15th, 8pm
Where: Lam Research Theater
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco



21 June 2013

3rd i is honored to co-present at Frameline37

9:30 pm
3rd i is honored to co-present CHUPPAN CHUPAI / I AM GAY AND MUSLIM at Frameline37, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.
July 2013
03 July 2013

3rd i is pleased to co-present “The Ode”

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Screening of "The Ode," based on the novel Ode to Lata by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla, starring Sachin Bhatt (Bombay Dreams), Wilson Cruz and Sakina Jaffrey.
26 July 2013

3rd i Co-presents at Laborfest

7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
3rd iFilms co-presents at Laborfest, the FilmWorks United International Working Class Film & Video Festival: The Machinist (Directed by Hannan Majid & Richard York) and Bhopali (Directed by Van Maximilian Carlson).
August 2013
18 August 2013

3rd i co-presents at CAAM Festival in San Jose

5:00 pm
"Let's Be Out, the Sun is Shining" is about a mismatched couple in a world of actors/musicians/artists who live potentially displaced in Bushwick, a Latino immigrant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.
30 August 2013

Deewaar: Bollywood Under the Stars

9:00 pm
Join 3rd i Films and ICC, Milpitas for an outdoor screening of Yash Chopra's classic Deewaar. The story of two brothers, one a criminal (Amitabh Bachchan) and the other a police officer (Shashi Kapoor), who come head-to-head in a quintessential Bollywood style face off between good and bad.
November 2013
06 November 2013

The Revolutionary Optimists

7:15 pm - 11:00 pm
Filmmakers in person! Emmy-nominated Bay Area filmmakers Monsen-Grainger and Newnham capture the inspiring stories of young South Asians as trail-blazing agents of change. The doc follows Amlan Ganguly as he mentors three children towards transforming lives in the slums of Calcutta. With short: Bhiwani Junction
07 November 2013

Mohammed to Maya

7:15 pm
Filmmakers in Person! Journey across the gender lines with these two intimate docs that offer engaging accounts of the challenges and joys of the transformative process. The feature presentation follows one year in the life of Maya (formerly Mohammed), a Tamil Muslim, as she journeys to Singapore to have sexual reassignment surgery. With short: Performing Girl
07 November 2013

These Birds Walk

9:30 pm
A stellar piece of cinema verite, this lyrical portrait of youth and street-life in Karachi is imbued with the resilience of its subjects! Seen through the eyes of an ambulance driver and a runaway boy, the film is an ode to childhood and has been rightfully compared to Truffaut's The 400 Blows. Produced by the Sundance Film Institute, this is one film that should not be missed!
08 November 2013


7:15 pm
Filmmaker in Person! Representative of the new wave spawned by indie-guru Anurag Kashyap, this stylish thriller set in Mumbai had an explosive debut at Cannes' Critics Week. The film tells the tale of two young drifters, caught in Mumbai’s seedy narcotics world, who are stalked by a rookie cop. Bala's vision conjures up an unforgettably powerful and dramatic finale.
08 November 2013

Simple Superstar

9:50 pm
Filmmaker in Person! Wilbur Sargunaraj, India’s first YouTube star, makes his feature debut! Witness the creative genius of this "champion for the common man," as he takes on bullies in the street, counsels young lovers, and sings about the mouth-watering "Chicken 65!" Part autobiography, part road trip, and part instructional video, this wacky musical will have you laughing and cheering for the simple man from Southern India.
09 November 2013

Beyond All Boundaries

1:00 pm
Filmmaker in Person! For Prithvi, Sudhir, and Akshaya, cricket is a religion. Both entertaining and enlightening, this doc follows the story of these three characters: a fan(atic) who bikes across India from game to game, a boy wonder who hopes to be the next Sachin Tendulkar, and a young girl who sees cricket as a way out of poverty.
09 November 2013

Gulabi Gang

3:30 pm
Filmmaker in Person! Nishtha Jain (City of Photos, Lakshmi and Me) returns to the Bay Area with this thriller disguised as a documentary! In Bundelkhand, India, a revolution is in the making among the fiery women of the Gulabi Gang who empower themselves and take up the fight against gender violence, caste oppression and widespread corruption.
09 November 2013

Good Morning Karachi

6:30 pm
Filmmaker in Person! Sumar, best known for her astonishing feature Silent Waters, makes a triumphant return with this uplifting tale. Chance and willfulness propel Rafina's rise as a fashion model in the city of Karachi. In Sumar's deft hands, her story becomes the story of today's Pakistan, trying to reconcile the demands of tradition and the aspirations of modernity.
09 November 2013

3rd i’s Castro Reception with the Filmmakers

8:15 pm

Join us for a special reception at the Castro Mezzanine where you’ll get to meet all the festival filmmakers up close and personal! Enjoy food and drinks, get your photograph taken with our celebrity guests and let the DJ get …

09 November 2013

Shuddh Desi Romance

9:15 pm
Bollywood at the Castro! A remarkably fresh comedy, with lots of sizzle and eye candy to boot! Two professional wedding guests, with commitment issues, find themselves in a modern desi love triangle that's anything but conventional. Parineeti Chopra is vivacious, Rishi Kapoor is a delight, and the city of Jaipur sets a gorgeous backdrop for the film. Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival 2013.
10 November 2013

Celluloid Man

12:00 pm
A celebration of 100 Years of Indian Cinema, and a must-see for cinephiles and Indian history enthusiasts! Featuring interviews with the veritable who's who of the Indian film industry, Dungarpur creates a compelling portrait of P.K. Nair -- the founder of the National Film Archive of India and a man with a passion for celluloid.
10 November 2013

With You, Without You (Oba Nathuwa, Oba Ekka)

3:15 pm
Filmmaker in Person! When lonely pawnbroker Sarathsiri meets the enigmatic Selvi, he thinks he has finally found a way to escape his past. But a chance visit from an old friend forces the two lovers, from opposite sides of the civil war, to confront their histories and demons. With a tight script, wonderfully nuanced plot and haunting cinematography, this is Sri Lankan independent cinema at its best.
10 November 2013

Coast to Coast: Mumbai to the Mission

5:30 pm
Filmmakers in Person! From the forests of Ecuador and the seas of South Asia to a cafe in Cairo and a Sikh barber shop in California, this year’s selection of shorts spans vast distances – both literally and metaphorically – with films that examine both the natural and the cultural, by filmmakers both local and global.
10 November 2013

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

7:30 pm
Filmmaker in Person! A penetrating look at the life of author Alice Walker, who became the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Color Purple in 1983. Featuring intimate interviews with Walker, the doc focuses on Walker’s inspirational upbringing during years of violent social changes, and her political and social activism.
16 November 2013

Without Shepherds

12:00 pm
Filmmaker in Person! Featuring cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan and model Vaneeza, this visually impressive and insightful doc follows six people as they navigate the turbulent waters of Pakistan’s current crisis. With Short: From Melody Queen to Muslim Madonna
16 November 2013

Beyond All Boundaries

2:30 pm
For Prithvi, Sudhir, and Akshaya, cricket is a religion. Both entertaining and enlightening, this doc follows the story of these three characters -- a fan(atic) who bikes across India from game to game, a boy wonder who hopes to be the next Sachin Tendulkar, and a young girl who sees cricket as a way out of poverty. Best Doc, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
16 November 2013

Gulabi Gang

5:00 pm
Filmmaker in Person! Nishtha Jain (City of Photos, Lakshmi and Me) returns to the Bay Area with this thriller disguised as a documentary! In Bundelkhand, India, a revolution is in the making among the fiery women of the Gulabi Gang who empower themselves and take up the fight against gender violence, caste oppression and widespread corruption.
16 November 2013

Ship of Theseus

7:45 pm
A blind photographer regains her vision, a devout monk fights for animal rights, and a stockbroker stumbles upon an illegal organ trade in this astonishing feature debut that was shortlisted by members of the Critics Circle, UK as one of 15 “films that changed their life.”
January 2014
17 January 2014

“The Brilliance of Satyajit Ray”

7:30 pm
3rd i South Asian Films Co-Presents "The Brilliance of Satyajit Ray."
19 January 2014

3rd i is proud to support “Berlin and Beyond”

11:30 am - 1:00 pm
3rd i and "Berlin and Beyond"
March 2014
14 March 2014

3rd i co-presents “Farah Goes Bang” at Pacific Film Archive

7:00 pm
Meera Menon’s directorial debut, "Farah Goes Bang," artfully captures a generation’s mixture of hope and youthful disillusionment.
15 March 2014

3rd i co-presents “Brahmin Bulls”

7:00 pm
A remarkably assured debut feature film from director Mahesh Pailoor explores a contentious father and son relationship.
16 March 2014

3rd i co-presents “Farah Goes Bang” at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

2:20 pm
Meera Menon’s directorial debut, "Farah Goes Bang," artfully captures a generation’s mixture of hope and youthful disillusionment.
16 March 2014

3rd i co-presents “Siddharth” at CAAMFest

2:30 pm
A moving and tangled journey to find a missing child is filmed with a neorealist touch that transforms it into a genuine human portrait.
18 March 2014

3rd i co-presents “Jadoo” at the Sundance Kabuki

9:20 pm
Written for laughter and tears, Jadoo delves into the dilemmas of misunderstood intentions, regardless of religion or ethnicity.
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