San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I



2:30 pm, Sunday, November 11th, Castro Cinema
Admission: $9
Director: Sandhya Suri
Country: UK/Germany/Italy (2006) 
Running Time: 70 Min. Documentary Feature
Language: Hindi and English English Sub-Titles                      


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After moving to England in 1965, Dr. Yash Pal Suri, and his family in India began communicating with each other via super-8 home movies and reel-to-reel audio recordings, as a means of staying close and in touch. Forty years later, I for India, directed by his daughter Sandhya Suri, pieces together the super 8 footage and audio messages to create a compelling time capsule and bittersweet portrait of separation from one's parents, roots and country.

This intimate, absorbing and rewarding film weaves through archival footage and old home movies reflecting not only upon the expatriate familial experiences of loss, separation and nostalgia for the past, but it also looks at the family in the present. This artfully integrated piece raises questions about cultural/national identity, social integration, alienation, belonging, family and filial obligation and provides no easy answers.

I for India is an award winning documentary feature that received its North American premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and it will be premiered in the Bay Area at 3rd I's 2006 SFISAFF.



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