San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival3rd I



7:15 pm, November 11th, yerba Buena, San Francisco
Admission: $8
Director: Graham Geigenmueller
Country: Switzerland/ UK/ Germany (2006)
Running Time: 55 min   - DV-Doc.



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Foundation & Empire is an important and absorbing documentary film that takes us into the revolutionary world of the South Asian British music collective -- Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) --   its music, messages and philosophies.

ADF, comprised of South Asian performing artists, began in 1993 and was at the roots of what became known as the   "Asian Underground" movement. The ADF 'sound system' combines elements of electronica, hip-hop, punk, traditional Indian classical music and other world music influences into a seamless whole.   As a musical group they were instrumental in instilling confidence and in creating a fresh new take on the marginalized South Asian youth culture and community in Britain.

Because of ADF, suddenly it was cool and hip to be South Asian and the youth now had role models, a public face and music that related to their past, present and future.   ADF's music, messages and performances demonstrated to South Asian kids that they didn't have to put up with racism, denigration, glass ceilings or other faces of cultural repression prevalent at the time.   The result was an explosion in South Asian youth creativity in Britain, as well as elsewhere in Europe. South Asian bands and artists began to proliferate, in large part due to ADF's influence.

Most recently, ADF toured alongside such groups as: Radiohead, The Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy.   "Foundation & Empire," creatively captures the band's history to the present, and takes a candid, honest look at the realities of one of the world's most extraordinary touring ensembles.

Q&A: with Maneesh "The Twister" from Dhamaal Sound System.


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