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Thursday, November 13
Brava Theater, San Francisco
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Director: Amyn Kaderali
Country/Year: USA, 2007
Running Time: 99 mins
Format: DV Cam
Language: English

Director Amyn Kaderali, actress Rebecca Hazelwood and producer Manish Goyal in person

Kissing Cousins is witty, sassy and even a bit naughty and revels in its subversive depiction of romance gone awry.

Amir (Samrat Chakrabarti) is a professional heartbreaker. Except, he hasn't dated any of the unfortunate souls with whom he breaks up—he's just the hired messenger who bears the bad news. And for an additional fee, he can even get your stuff back! As his friends begin to couple up, get married and settle into new homes, they wonder if bachelor Amir will ever let his hardened heart fall in love.

When Amir's gorgeous British cousin Zara (Rebecca Hazlewood, ER) visits him in Los Angeles, she fools his friends into thinking that she's his girlfriend. But as Amir spends more time with Zara, she opens him up to feelings that have lay dormant for far too long. How long can they keep up this ruse of faux-love? Or will they become more than "just cousins"?

A veteran of short-form storytelling, director Kaderali infuses Kissing Cousins with equal parts candor and comedy to craft a funny, touching portrait of a heart redeemed by love.
-- Christopher Au