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My Heart Goes Hooray!

Saturday, November 7
Castro Theatre, San Francisco

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Director: Anurag Singh
Country/Year: India, 2009
Running Time: 148 mins
Language: Hindi with English subtitles

Fans know that Rani Mukherjee is one of the most beautiful, dynamic women ever to grace a movie screen. Cinephiles know her acting skills are unmatched in Indian cinema. Opportunities rarely come along to see her in a film that draws equally on her dramatic talents and her glam appeal, but My Heart Goes Hooray! is just the ticket. Featuring sparkling comic performances from both Mukherjee and her co-star Shahid Kapoor, as well as dazzling song sequences, this is a rousing, fun-filled musical romance – with cricket, too.

Mukherjee plays a feisty Punjabi woman who just happens to be a brilliant batsman. But, as a woman, she is limited in where she can play. When the cocky Rohan (Kapoor) returns from overseas to take up coaching a national men's cricket team, she seeks a position in the lineup. There's no place on his team for a girl, however. With the annual India-Pakistan match coming up, too much is at stake to indulge a woman's dreams. So, in a conceit right out of Shakespeare, she dons a beard and a cute turban and transforms herself into a man.

Full of the rump-shaking, percussive joy of Punjabi music, this is a full-on Bollywood masala movie, so it's never shy about deploying Mukherjee's smoky hotness and the hunky cuteness of Kapoor. Right up to its fantastic closing number, this movie bursts with vibrant, firecracker charm. – Toronto Film Festival