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Okul Nodi (Endless River) + I am Micro

For lovers of that disappearing medium we call celluloid (or film), we bring two docs that can only be described as visual poetry. Okul Nodi (Tuni Chatterji, Co-directed by Clay Dean, 2012, Bangladesh, 52mins, Bengali with English subtitles) examines the origins of Bhatiyali, the river music of Bangladesh. Soulful and nostalgic, Bhatiyali songs often rest on dual meanings wherein boats become bodies and lovers are also lost gods. Chatterji uses innovative sound editing and lingers on the materiality of the 16mm film to create a contemplative dialogue between music, landscape and the ephemeral quality of cinema.

Shot on exquisite 35mm, I am Micro (Shumona Goel/Shai Heredia, 2011, India, 14mins, English and Hindi with English subtitles) combines imagery from an optical factory and behind-the-scenes footage from a film production (Miss Lovely) against the memories of an experimental filmmaker (Kamal Swaroop) to deliver an ode to independent cinema.

September 23 2012


Date: Sep 23, 2012
Time: 4:30 pm
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Directors Various
Country/Year Various
Running Time 66mins
Language Various
Notes Tuni Chatterji in Person
Awards I Am Micro: Short Documentary Award, International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala
Co-Presenters Agami, SpaandanB, Oddball Film + Video, Sangati, Asian Art Museum


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