02 June 2018

3rd i Co-Presents at the SF Silent Film Festival

12:00 pm
Filmed entirely on location in India, A Throw of Dice tells the story of two kings vying for the hand of a young woman.
10 September 2017

“The Unknown Craftsman”

5:00 pm
Dutta’s magical new film follows an eighth-century architect across the lower Himalayas in search of a temple site.
08 September 2017

Amit Dutta: Three Shorts on Indian Painting

4:00 pm
Three shorts studying the 18th-century Indian artist Nainsukh.
06 May 2017

3rd i Co-presents “Celluloid Man” at BAMPFA

6:30 pm
3rd i co-presents two films at BAMPFA: "Kalpana," an experimental drama from 1948, and "Celluloid Man," a portrait of a film preservationist.
22 October 2016

The Golden Sita

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
G. Aravindan's 1977 film adaptation of an episode from the Ramayana. We present this little-seen gem in its recently digitally restored glory, thanks to the National Film Archive of India.
22 October 2016

3rd i Co-presents at UNAFF 2016

All day
3rd i co-presents two docs at UNAFF 2016: "Petals in the Dust" and "The Learning Alliance"
24 June 2016
21 June 2016
17 April 2016

3rd i Films presents a work-in-progress screening

3:00 pm
"Burqa Boxers" documents the story of three young women learning boxing in a culture that demands refinement and submission.
09 March 2016

3rd i Co-presents: Petals in the Dust

5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Join us for a screening of Petals in the Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls, an examination of danger facing women in India.

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