20 February 2016

3rd i Co presents: “The Journey Within” at the SF Indie Fest

4:30 pm
Faced with the challenges of war and conflict, several musicians in post-9/11 Pakistan go on a musical quest.
08 November 2014

Bollywood at the Castro with “Queen”!!

9:00 pm
3rd i's Bollywood at the Castro is one of the most popular events at the festival! Intensely local, gloriously global and unexpectedly moving, Queen takes Bollywood in a new direction.
08 November 2014

UPAJ: Improvise

4:00 pm
San Francisco Premier
Followed by a live performance by the artists on the occasion of Pt. Chitresh Das' 70th Birthday!
An unlikely friendship develops between the master of precision, Indian kathak dancer Chitresh Das, and freestyler Jason Samuels Smith, African American tap dancer in this magical collaboration captured on film.
09 November 2014

Mughal-e-Azam: Ruminations on a Classic Spectacle

1:00 pm
With Special Guest Manoj Shailendra, Bollywood expert and son of famed Bollywood lyricist Shailendra!
Robin Sukhadia returns to 3rd i for a close study of this 1960 blockbuster which is remembered for Naushad's timeless music, and for bringing color to Indian cinemagoers.
09 November 2014

Psychedelic Cinema: Radhe, Radhe + Shorts

5:30 pm
West Coast & Bay Area Premiers
Prashant Bhargava in Person!
An explosion of color and sound on the silver screen captures the essence of this program of shorts, with Radhe, Radhe which features a new score by acclaimed Jazz musician Vijay Iyer.
15 November 2014

Zinda Bhaag

3:30 pm
Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi in Person!
Three young men from Lahore navigate the often terrifying world of illegal immigration. This musical was Pakistan's Official Entry to the Oscars in 2013, and features the talents of thespian Naseeruddin Shah.

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